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Short Term Rentals

All our units are available for short term rental periods from one week upwards.

Portable Air Conditioning

From around $150 + GST per week, your workplace or home can be cooled in summer and warmed in winter providing just the right atmosphere to bring out the best in those around you. We have a range of portable air conditioning units available to suit your needs for all round comfort and to help increase your productivity.

portable fan hire tauranga

Portable Fans

Air movement can be assisted by a range of fans to provide circulation and bring fresh air on a cooling breeze.

de-humidifier hire tauranga

Commercial or Domestic de-humidifiers

Our de-humidifiers will remove up to 75 litres of condensate a day for flood or construction drying.

evaporate cooler hire tauranga

Evaporate Coolers

These coolers have a water tank to trickle water over the filter screen. Crossflow fans deliver a cooling breeze.

Delivered and Installed

Our portable air conditioning units, fans and de-humidifiers are available for periods from one week upwards and will be delivered and installed at your site. Depending on your location in the Bay of Plenty or Waikato a service charge may apply.

  • Our ‘Hassle Free’ option means no warranty, maintenance or servicing problems.
  • You get all the tax benefits associated with renting rather than purchase.
  • The expense is an operating cost rather than a capital expenditure.

Contact us now for the rental options

Condensate Pumps

Esco Clima Condensate Pump

esco clima condensate pump

Condensate removal pump with full-sized collection tank reservoir. The option is here and so versatile you’d wonder why no one thought of it before! The best solution to annoying and unsightly condensate pumps!

The EscoClima offers

  • Freedom from the unsightly ‘Bucket Pump’
  • Simple installation & maintenance
  • Acceptably low noise level
  • Greater than 1.5m vertical lift (max 2m)
  • Aesthetic styling - even suitable for homes!
  • Total versatility
  • No inline filter clogging
Technical Specifications
model PUMP-168
voltage 220V 50-60Hz
power 10W
lift 1.5m vertical x 10m long
drainage 30 litres per hour
reservoir 200cc
sound level low frequency 36dB

Esco Clima Plus Condensate Pump

esco clima plus condensate pump

Excellent draining capability: Rotor is designed to give sufficient torque for greater ability to expel water and to allow greater height of discharge.

Low sound level: Low-velocity motor means low sound level. A unique (patent-pending) vibration-suction suspension system and high-quality ball bearing on the motor further reduce the operating sound level.

Long lifetime: The ball bearing inductive motor has a long lifetime of 20,000 hours.

No blocked tube: The large rotor radius generates high torque to expel the condensate water easily, thus no more problems with blocked tubes. The unique dual-face rotary design with the extra large inlet hole (∅ 15mm) can expel contaminants aggregated at the bottom of the container easily.

Safety feature: All plastic material used is made of fire retardant ABS material with UL94 V-O standard. The circuit is protected by a thermal fuse to cut out should there be an abnormal temperature rise.

Unique flow switch design (patent-pending): The pump operates with a light detecting flow switch. This solves the problem associated with many other condensate pumps which use a metal rod detector which may become rusty & insensitive after prolonged use.

Technical Specifications
voltage 220V 50Hz
power 23W
lift 2.5m vertical
drainage 60 litres/h
reservoir 550cc
blockage risk never gets blocked
sound level 40dB
motor induction motor, oil-impregnated bearing, 300RPM, high torsion, thermal fuse protection
weight 1,6Kg
dimensions 180x150x105mm

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